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The *Unofficial* Official Guide To Swapping


Did you know…the tops on nearly all our PopGrips are interchangeable?! 🤯 Now you can swap your top to fit your mood, change your style, or add function to your phone. Did somebody say a zippered pouch? On-the-go Lip Balm? A freakin’ Mirror?!

How It Works

Swap your top in mere seconds. Give it a try and you'll quickly realize that special "click" is the sound of magic đź”®


Close Flat


Press Down & Turn 90°


Remove PopTop


Swap in a New One

anatomy of a popsockets popgrip

The PopTop is What You Swap

No need to buy another PopGrip every time you want to get in on the swapping action. A PopTop is a swappable top without the sticky base. Choose "Top Only" when you shop on our site and buy only what you need for top-swapping success.

function, fashion, or both

Different occasions call for different PopTops. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll realize that the swappabilities are endless.

Our Faves: Functional PopTops


Our Faves: Fashionable PopTops


on again, off again

Feeling non-committal? Do the PopGrip Slide. It clips to your Apple silicone case made for iPhone and lets you slide the grip wherever you want it. And it slides off when you want to go “naked.”

Shop PopGrip Slide

otter + Pop and swap

The proven protection of an OtterBox case with the style and swappability of a PopGrip. Best. Combo. Ever.

Shop Otter + Pop

on-the-go storage

Extra PopTops are never far away when they’re keeping your keys company on a PopChain.

Shop PopChain